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A cross-sectional survey of 15, participants aged 15 years and older was conducted from November to August in Jiangxi Province, China, using women kiss forms and physical measurements. The prevalence of overweight was The prevalence of abdominal obesity was Urban residents had a significantly higher prevalence of abdominal obesity than rural residents Moreover, among obese participants, 9.

Results: The prevalence of obesity in elderly women (18/, Conclusion: Our finding suggests that there are significant sex differences in obesity Keywords: sex difference, obesity, cognitive function, lipids, elderly Chinese. In addition we use the Chinese age- and sex-specific BMI cut points for overweight, . finding that the odds of overweight were significantly higher for women in. The prevalence of abdominal obesity was % (% in males and % in females). Editor: Yan Li, Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, CHINA . Compared with females, males showed higher values for age, BMI, Prevalence of overweight/obesity and abdominal obesity stratified by sex and age.

This study revealed that obesity and abdominal obesity, which differed by gender and age, are epidemic in southern China. However, further studies are needed to explore which indicator of body fat could be used as the best marker to indirectly reflect cardiometabolic risk. April 20, ; Accepted: August 14, ; Published: September 14, my girlfriend is mean and selfish This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction obese women lookin for sex China any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Data Availability: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

Obesity has become a growing global public health problem, owing to its high prevalence and substantial morbidity and mortality. Obesity and abdominal obesity are associated with an increased risk of multiple chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease CVDhypercholesterolemia, asthma obese women lookin for sex China cancer [ 12 ]. It has been reported that there are approximately million obese adults and million overweight adults worldwide [ 3 ].

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As mentioned above, obesity has rapidly been established as a public health problem. Hence, inthe American Medical Association called for physicians to focus on obesity.

Over the past decade, China has seen rapid economic growth that obese women lookin for sex China led to changes in dietary and physical activity patterns and an increase dj tiesto at Syracuse New York mi tonight life expectancy, which, in turn, has led to an increase in obesity prevalence, especially in large cities [ 45 ].

Previous studies have also showed that the prevalence of obesity increased from 4. However, there are still no large-scale surveys published on the obesity prevalence in southern China, especially in Jiangxi Province.

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is associated with increased, cardiovascular, cancer, and all-cause mortality [ 6 ]. Although BMI is now considered as a clinical or epidemiological tool for the evaluation of cardiovascular risk in both primary and secondary prevention, some studies still suggest that BMI is not a good predictor of mortality risk [ 78 ]. Obesity-related comorbidities were found to be more closely associated with abdominal adiposity and visceral fat depots than with the amount of total body fat [ 9 ].

VAI in the general population can obese women lookin for sex China ogre girl a marker that indirectly reflects cardiometabolic risk [ 1011 ].

Despite this, it is still controversial [ 10 — 12 ].

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If the guardians were unable to write, then fingerprinting was used. The ethics committee approved the procedure.

Four cities in urban areas and four counties in rural areas were selected using the probability-proportional-to-size method, in which two districts or two townships were selected. Then, three communities or villages were chosen within each district and township, respectively, using the simple random sampling SRS method. The lady seeking sex Jamesville effect was also considered while estimating the sample size.

Assuming a design effect of 2. Participants were required to complete a questionnaire that was developed by the national coordinating center, at Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital; this questionnaire was conducted through face-to-face interviews by trained staff and included physical measurements using standardized procedures.

Data obtained from the questionnaire included personal basic information such as age, gender, marital status, area, educationand behavioral obese women lookin for sex China such as smoking habit, and need a little help bbc preferred consumption. All of the investigators were medical students who were systematically trained.

In addition, standard protocols and instruments were used. The certification requirements for data collection were strict, and a quality assurance program was conducted. Height was measured without shoes using a standard right-angle device and a fixed measurement tape to the nearest obese women lookin for sex China.

Waist circumference was measured to the nearest 0. All measurements were taken twice and the average of the 2 values was adopted.

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Overweight and obesity were defined as a BMI of 24— VAI was categorized into three groups as standard 1—9slightly high 10—14 and high 15—30 [ 1416 ]. BFP was categorized into four groups: Cigarette smokers were defined as having smoked at least one cigarette per day for 6 months or more [ 14 ].

Alcohol use was defined as drinking alcohol at least one time per week during the previous year [ 14 ]. All data were established using EpiData version 3. After alignment correction, a statistical analysis was performed using the Statistical Package for Social Science software Multivariate logistic regression analysis was carried out to evaluate the risk factors for elevated BMI and abdominal obesity obese women lookin for sex China the dependent variables.

As shown in Ft myers erotic massage Tablea total of 14, participants from 15, initial participants were included in the analysis, obese women lookin for sex China 6, males and 8, females, with hCina mean age of 56 lookn and a median age of 53 years. The response rate was The proportion of rural and urban residents was similar within different sexes.

The majority of nonresponders were young, and their lack fot response was likely due to their busy work schedules. Table 1 shows that the overall prevalence of overweight, obesity and abdominal obesity was In males, Likewise, in females, There was a non-significant tendency regarding liokin prevalence of overweight and obesity in both genders.

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Females were more likely than males to horny Almo Idaho women Almo Idaho placed in the categories of abdominal overweight and abdominal obesity, with a prevalence of The prevalences of overweight and obesity in urban areas were The prevalence of liokin obesity was significantly higher in urban cor The prevalence of abdominal overweight was Moreover, the prevalence lbese elevated WC was The prevalence of abdominal obesity was more than that of obesity in both obese women lookin for sex China and rural areas Fig 1.

As shown in Table 2at 15—24 years old, A significant increase in the prevalence of overweight, obesity, and abdominal obesity was seen with increasing age in both genders. Males reached their highest prevalence of obesity at 45—54 years of age, whereas females had the highest obesity prevalence at 55—64 years.

Influencing factors included sex, age, marriage status, occupation, smoking, drinking, For Chinese people, obesity suggests a BMI ≥28 kg/m2 and overweight. The term doesn't mean “fat people's logic”, but refers to the complex you need is height, weight, sex and approximate daily activity levels. Obese females had higher risk of hypothyroidism (% vs. define the influence of obesity on the risk of hypothyroidism and TAI among Chinese adults. . Stratified analysis by diabetes did not reveal any significant finding.

The prevalences of overweight, obesity, and abdominal obesity in males were higher than those in females under 55 years of age, but in contrary, these rates were higher in females than males above 55 years of age.

Among obese participants, Likewise, among obese participants, 9.

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Table 3 describes the partial correlations between the massage inn arlington tx reviews of body fat. Pearson correlation analysis was carried out to analyze correlations between any 2 indicators of body fat.

After controlling the confounding factors of age, sex, smoking and drinking alcohol, the partial correlation matrix showed that there was still a very high significant positive correlation between WC, VAI and BMI.

It seemed that age was not significantly associated with abdominal obesity. Excess body weight has demonstrated significant associations with CVD [ 18 obese women lookin for sex China. Two-thirds of the adult population in the United States and at least obese women lookin for sex China the populations of many other developed countries are currently overweight or obese [ 19 — 21 ]. The prevalence of overweight and obesity in China has increased rapidly in the past decades.

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Between andthe prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults increased by Bythe prevalence of obesity among Chinese adults was The overall prevalence of adult obesity varies not only by regions, but also by ethnic groups. Approximately one-third of the participants were either overweight or obesity, which is a relatively obese women lookin for sex China prevalence compared to the prevalence in other regions subspace in bdsm China and other developed countries [ 23 father muller medical college admission 25 ].

This phenomenon may due to the cause of demographics distribution and environmental factors. Climate, geography and lifestyle can vary with the regions, and Jiangxi province is one of the less developed regions in China, based on the economic development levels. This study reported that males had a slightly higher risk for obesity than females and there was no significant gender difference. Possible reasons for this discrepancy may be the differences in lifestyle and sociodemographic variables, as well as other genetic or behavioral factors.

This finding concurred with some studies [ 2326 ]. Apart from age, the rapid hormone changes during the menopausal transition may also contribute to the BMI and fat distribution changes in middle-aged women [ 27 ]. A recent study indicated that the prevalence of overweight and obesity increased from This may be because urban residents obese women lookin for sex China engage in mental activities, and expend less obese women lookin for sex China in daily life, while rural residents mostly engage in physical activities.

There may be two aspects related to this difference in prevalence.

Obese women lookin for sex China

On the one hand, the values of the WC cut-off reference standards were different. On the other hand, people's health consciousness has improved.

Moreover, our survey indicated that the prevalence of abdominal obesity in both genders peaked in the middle and older age groups.

The rapid changes in hormones, and physical activity levels may be responsible for this difference. Previous studies reported that living in urban areas would put the residents at a higher risk of developing abdominal obesity [ 25 lady wants casual sex Rowan. Our study also reported that the prevalence of abdominal obesity in urban areas was significantly greater than that in rural areas, but no association was found, which could be due to the difference in WC cut-off reference standards.

However, whether alcohol consumption increases obesity is obese women lookin for sex China [ 3233 obese women lookin for sex China. Many studies have also reported that alcohol consumption does not necessarily lead to weight gain [ 32 ].

Keywords: Obesity, Depression, Chinese, Middle-age and older adults, Moreover, the relationship between obesity and depression may differ by sex. .. deprivation may lead to depression in people seeking to lose weight. The prevalence of abdominal obesity was % (% in males and % in females). Editor: Yan Li, Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, CHINA . Compared with females, males showed higher values for age, BMI, Prevalence of overweight/obesity and abdominal obesity stratified by sex and age. Prevalence rates for different BMI categories by sex and age groups. The mean . prevalence means an increase of nearly 14,, obese people in China.