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Marvin gaye where are we going

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Jazz fans may be familiar with "Where Are We Going?

The first of his albums for the Blue Note marvin gaye where are we going, it became a pioneering work in the jazz funk genre and one of Blue Note Sexy booty call bestselling releases. The project was ultimately shelved, but a compilation of songs intended for that album as well as other outtakes were recently released to celebrate Gaye's 80th birthday. A piano riff dances in the background, taking the place of the trumpet dominant in the Byrd version.

Marvin's sweet, pure voice masks the dark words behind the lyrics. He mentions homeless sleeping in the streets, war persisting as "day by day the work gets.

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Yet life moves on, with Gaye next lamenting the teenage pregnancy rate. The bridge, which sounds remarkably similar to "What's Going On," attempts to solve the problem.

The instrumental break most resembles Byrd's version, with a lone trumpet delivering a breezy solo. As "Where Are We Going?

Perhaps these actions represent the "harmony" Gaye refers to during the bridge. In any case, everyone needs to work together to goig solutions and end indifference towards others' plights.

Consistent with his other work, "Where Are We Going? His versatility shines on this track, but his ability to deliver serious messages in a gorgeous, taye sensual way remains a distant Gaye characteristic. Indeed, the track would have fit the What's Going On album perfectly, as it touches upon many themes expressed in that masterwork.

It may have sounded too similar to that title track in both topic and sound. Yet "Where Are We Going?

By Kit O'Toole on July 10, 2: Follow Us. Recent Entries CD Review: Seneko - Soul Numbers Single Review: Saint Mars - Loveghost Album Review: