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Accordingly wufe January next year the couples — where one person is Singaporean and the other a foreigner — are encouraged to jointly submit an application for a Letter of LTVP Eligibility, which will be valid for a year, before getting married. The couple can then use the letter to support their application for foreign wife in singapore LTVP after marriage.

This measure will expedite the processing time to six weeks against the current six months or. This will help them to understand if it is viable to have a sustainable family set up or highlight the challenges that they may have to endure if the foreign spouse is not eligible for foreign wife in singapore stay or employment in Singapore.

Secondly, the parties are required to declare several personal details on the application form, including marriage history, employment status and criminal records, if any. A copy of the form is given to both parties.

Zingapore provides comprehensive insight on the prospective partners and thus prevents sham marriages and mitigates potential marital discords. The number of Singaporeans marrying foreigners has been on the rise in the recent years.

They bear an emotional burden of not being able to financially contribute to the family. When ill health or permanent disability foreign wife in singapore the bread-winning partner in marriage, the foreign spouse and the family may find it challenging to wade through the hard times.

Such testing situations may cause friction in families. The changes in the rules provide greater clarity for the marrying partners and this helps them to make well-informed foreign wife in singapore decisions. Subsequently, a LOC will be issued to them instead of a work permit if they want to work in Singapore. roreign

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But the MOM has encouraged foreign spouses on work permits to foreign wife in singapore to LOC as soon as possible because it will no longer be issuing such work permits from Singxpore 1, We are experts when it comes to Singapore's immigration laws and regulations. Our reliable guidance and high success rate comes with 20 years of experience.

Secure your Letter of Consent with us. Conversation Videos Contact. You are here: Related Topics: Secure my LOC.