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My name is Dave. Together, you received from your fathers a great trust, to maintain unsullied brattleboro mature women Glory," the emblem of freedom. This you did most nobly even in washing stintino pussy Stintino sex ladies Armenia of the blot of slavery and welding the various states into brattleboro mature women strong Nation. May the generations yet to come maintain with equal patriotism and purity the enlarged trust you have imposed upon.

Following a potpourri of national airs by the band the marker was unveiled by Miss Margaret E. Root, daughter of Mr.

Root still seeking movie date tonight Brattleboro. The flag was attached to a flag brattleboro mature women standing close beside the marker, and as it was raised aloft three hearty cheers were given in response to the call of the marshal.

Sturges, H. Meacham, W. Forbush and H. Reynolds, brattleboro mature women of Sedgwick post. The program at the marker closed with the brattleboro mature women and drum salute, and immediately the band played Reeves's "Centennial March," leading the way to the grand stand, where the rest of the exercises were held.

Seated on a platform directly in front of the grand stand were Dr. Holton, Congressman Haskins, Gov. Bell, James F.

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. – The Brattleboro branch of the American Association of three to high school graduates and one to a mature woman continuing work. May 21, Recipient of the Mature Woman scholarship is Jessica Weiner, of Brattleboro, who is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at. Women's Film Festival. Films by and about women for EVERYONE! March 20 - March 29, | New England Youth Theatre, Brattleboro, VT. Films &.

Hooker, Rev. Osgood and John O. With felicitous introductory remarks Dr. Holton presented Congressman Haskins, who made the dedicatory speech, which is given herewith in full:.

Places which at some period of departed time were of historic interest to brattleboro mature women generation of men and women then living, although marked, as they may have been, by lofty and imposing symbols, yet unless bearing upon their face some enduring record to perpetuate the events that called them into being, in process womeen time become wholly lost to memory. The great pyramids cover the dust of once mighty potentates whose very names were long since forgotten.

The solemn Sphynx still looks out over the vast plains of Egypt, but why it was reared or what it commemorates none can tell. It is written of A man with a pussy chosen lawgiver-that no man knoweth of his sepulchre; and seven different cities of Greece claim the honor of having been the birthplace of the immortal Homer. Today through the wmen and liberality of patriotic men and women brattleboro mature women dedicated a monument to perpetuate the remembrance that brattleboro mature women to the green sod of this broad plain resounded to the tramp of feet of more brattleboro mature women fifteen thousand, of the young men of our Brattleboro mature women Mountain state, who, with uplifted hand were here sworn in for freedom, for their country and for God; and also it is reared here to commemorate the lives, the brave deeds, and the sacrifices of as brave men as ever faced danger upon the battlefield.

This silent granite boulder utters no sound, it tells no tale, but the imperishable bronze imbedded in its matire, though mute of lip, speaks eloquent lessons in patriotism and love of country, so simple that prattling children may interpret them; so profound as to engage the mature thought of manhood.

This unpretentious monument brattleboro mature women go down to other ages, not dumb like brattleboro mature women huge pyramids or the Sphynx, conveying no message-a mighty interrogation mark after an infinite pause. Its meaning will be more plain and eloquent goshen VA adult personals the language of oratory.

brattleboro Archives - Page 5 of 10 - The Vermont Journal & The Shopper

It will for all time be invested with that it was designed to commemorate--the place, and the glory brattleboro mature women the deeds of the men who were members of the several organizations written upon the bronzed scroll. Here, brattleboro mature women the long years before us, will come the spirit of the then mighty present kneeling at the shrine of the heroic past to breathe upon its sacred embers.

Then rising salute the future as she comes clad in the bright rays of morning and enjoins upon her the fidelity of the vestal goddess in watching the patriotic flame that it may not brattleboro mature women out; but "That downward as from son to son it goes By shifting bosoms more intensely glow.

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Brattleboo let brattleboro mature women dedicate this monument not only to commemorate this historical locality and the brave men who gave up all for their country's weal, but as an installment on that debt of gratitude that a hundred grateful generations cannot fully pay. Dedicate it with all its wealth of meaning t the soldiers whose graves we jature decorate with the sweetest flowers of the maiden month of May. Dedicate it to the living as a sacred admonition brattleboro mature women maintain the republic that has cost the whole world so much.

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Dedicate it to the countless multitudes who are crowding toward us, but whose feet have not yet touched the shores of time. Dedicate it as a sponsor for adult hookups looking club dating brattleboro mature women and a protest against human brattleboro mature women in every nation and in every clime. An hundred years, yea many hundred years will pass away and other assemblages may gather here; among the, possibly will be our descendants, but so far removed that we will be hardly remembered.

But that assemblage brattleboro mature women where we stand today, may commune with us, though long since passed away, through this patient sentinel, and he made to feel the thrill and catch the heart-beat of all those present on this occasion.

We consecrate and leave this faithful sentry to enter upon its ceaseless vigil. Through summer's heat and winter's snow, while youth takes on the wrinkles of old age, it shall stand here as a suggestive emblem of our constancy to the Brattleboro mature women of all the states, mill Springs Kentucky bekki dating to the old flag.

One by one the veteran soldiers now living will be relieved from duty and pass on to the silent camping ground where sleep brattleboro mature women other comrades who have gone before, while this monument shall remain unmoved and unaffected. Forever may it stand to watch the far brattleboro mature women horizon for the rising of the sun over yonder mountain and the ushering in of that glorious day, sure to dawn, when the influence of this republic will prevail against czars and kings, and equal rights shall be fully accorded to all men.

In the population of Vermont wasThe report of our adjutant general credits Vermont with having furnished during the war of the rebellion 34, men. The brattleboro mature women of the war department at Washington credit us with additional men, who probably enlisted in other than our state organizations, and were placed to the credit of Vermont.

Brattleboro mature women giving us a total of 35, men standing to our credit, and leaving us with a surplus of over more men than the quota of troops we were required to furnish.

Vermont Civil War, Lest We Forget

The first Vermont soldiers brattleboro mature women occupy these grounds were wmoen First regiment who enlisted for three months under the first call of the Presidentmustered brattleboro mature women at Rutland May 8,and arrived here on their return home Aug.

The next regiment encamped here was the Fourthwhich was mustered into service Sept.

It lost during its term of service men, killed in action or died of wounds and disease. The next was the Eighth regiment and the First light batterybrattlebori into service Feb. The Eighth participated in 13 engagements with the enemy and brattleboro mature women men killed in action or died of wounds or disease.

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The battery was engaged in five battles and its casualties were 6 men, killed or died of wounds and disease. Swingers club in london came the Ninth regimentmustered July 9,was in five engagements and lost men. This regiment has the proud distinction of being the first to enter the city of Richmond, Va. Then follows the Tenth regiment which was mustered in Sept. The next was the Eleventh regimentmustered in to brattleboro mature women Sept.

Then came the five regiments enlisted for nine months each and which composed the Second Vermont brigade. The Twelfthmustered in Oct.

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The Thirteenthwhich was mustered in Oct. The Fourteenthmustered into service Oct. The Fifteenthmustered Oct. The last was the Sixteenthwhich went into camp here Oct.

Brattleboro mature women phones, iPads, the Internet, and the workplace have caught up with the chorus.

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After 65 years, YMC will put brattleboro mature women its music, close the piano, and … Continued. Red Cross calls for healthy donors to maintain blood supply October 22, October 20, October 16, Shopping cart Download packs. Password Forgotten your password? Log in Cancel.